green building


The office attend to building energy consulting both for new construction and for renewal of existing building.

Arch. Papitto is certified as ClimateHouse-Expert-Planner for ClimateHouse Agency in Bozen, she is partner in ClimateHouse Network Lazio. 

Passive housing complex in Naustdal-Norway

Residential Building  in massive wood  -  ClimateHouse GOLD  -  less than 10kWh/m²a

project presented at II°Simposio internazionale di Architettura & Design del legno-Sutrio(UD) -4th september 2010

Certificazione energetica Casa Clima Hotel

Consultancy work for Energy certification Casa Clima Hotel (with I. Levantesi for Architekturbüro Stefan Gamper), 

Pfösl Hotel Complex, Nova Ponente, Bozen



Sustainability and Energy Strategy for the School's Extension Project

A key objective in the project is to provide an Energy Efficient response and Environmental Sustainability in the entire school’s extension project.

In order to achieve this objective the proposal is based on the following requirements: energy efficiency of the building envelope, interior spaces’ comfort enhancement and a friendly environmental impact of the building complex.

The proposed principles are “systems” that contribute to the coherency and consistency of the entire project.

1.Energy and Bioclimatic System

2. Green and water system

3. Solar Energy System

4. Indoor Environmental Quality


temporary structure-MUR

The energy performance of high-profile of the construction (annual heat demand of 21 KWh/m²y)  and the solar energy sources  will ensure the environmental  sustainability (Zero emissions of CO2 ) and the energetic self-sufficient               

urban regeneration-Inps building-Rome

Our goal is ‘20.20.20’, or try to apply the Kyoto protocol dictates to this building: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improve the efficiency of the building envelope, use renewable energy. Our project is identified in four main themes:

The context: the building accessibility with public transport from the regional area; identification of interchanges poles with parking, car and bike sharing. Creation of new cycling path connected to the existing one, new pedestrian path. 

The use of the inside and outside spaces

The building envelope: The project solutions aims to reduce the heat loss, especially in junction points, with a new rock wool insulation, new window. 

The energy efficiency: The building is divided in four thermal zones that optimize the plant system according to the solar exposure. For the heating and cooling system we use geothermal heating pumps, that use the aquifer below, integrated with radiant panels on the ceiling. On the roof we put 500 approximately photovoltaic and solar panels to cover the energy needs using renewable energy. Our goal is to arrive to have an energy requirement of less than 19kWh/sqm year.